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  • This guide explains what you get for being a Patreon member.
  • By becoming a patreon you are supporting the community.
Out Of Date

We have added some new tiers, some of the information below is not up to date.

Patreon Tiers

TierDiscord Roles
Bronze Supporter@Bronze Supporter
Silver Supporter@Silver Supporter
Gold Supporter@Gold Supporter
Titanium Supporter@Titanium Supporter
Ruby Supporter@Ruby Supporter
Diamond Supporter @Diamond Supporter

What Our Patreon Funds Are Used For?

Our Patreon will be used to fund

  • Server upkeep
  • Future hardware upgrades
  • Development costs
  • Discord bots
  • Website costs

What Perks Are There?

Website & Discord Perks
Coloured Name On Website
Discord Role
Username On Awards Page
Exclusive Patreon Discord Channel
Full API Access
Username + avatar on homepage
Custom Profile URL
Profile Gallery
Priority Support Tickets
Priority Applications
Early Access To Areas (Discord+Website)
Stormworks Perks
Custom Map Label + Custom Icon
Custom Boat ID
Access To Travel Commands
Vehicle repair command
Custom Environment Mod On Server
Home limit234571015
Vehicle limit (Above Limit)+1+2+2+3+3+4+5
Minecraft (Vanilla)
Coloured Name On Minecraft + Tag
Back-pack Keep On Death (default: No)
Mobile Ender Chest
No Teleport Cooldown (default: 5s)
Fly Within Own Land
Chunks Per Land (default: 30)3540455060TBDTBD
Home Points (default: 3)456810TBDTBD
Back-pack Size (default: 1 row)23456TBDTBD
Minecraft (Modded)
Portable Enderchest
No TP Cooldown-
Offline Forceloading---
Homes (3)4568101214
Forceloaded Chunks (25)25303540505560

My Current Tier

You can find what tier you currently have by going to your account page.