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Game Commands

CommandShortDescription Example
?help [command] Show all commands or get more detail about a command?help auth
?auth Checks your auth status?auth
?staff Show online staff?staff
?pos Shows current position?pos
?die Have a guess?die
?dm {id} {msg} Direct message another user?dm 1 hi
?reply {msg}?rReply to a DM?reply hi
?user?uGives you your own user information?user
?clean?cRemoves all vehicles spawned by you?clean
?despawn {vid}?dDespawns a single vehicle?despawn 1
?give {id} Give an item?give 1
?outfit {id} Set a outfit?outfit 1
?travel {id} Travel to destination?travel 1
?home {name} Goto a home?home mp
?homes Lists homes?homes
?sethome {name} Set a home?sethome mp
?delhome {name} Delete a home?delhome mp
?topup or ?refill Refill a topup compatibles vehicle in a topup zone.?topup

HRP Cargo Commands

?helpShows you commands?help
?claimSpawns a container if one does not exist?claim
?claimto {dstID}Claim from a terminal that goes to a specify location.?claimto 1
?claim [ID]Claims a container?claim 1
?unclaim {ID}Unclaims a container?unclaim 1
?listdstShows all crate destinations from currect terminal?listdst
?deliver {ID}Use this when at a delivery area to turn in your cargo?deliver 1
?myclaimsShow you your claimed cargo?myclaims

Vehicle Manager Commands

?v helpShows you sub-commands?v help
?v infoView your vehicle info?v info
?v listList all vehicles you spawned?v list
?v {vid} helpView sub-commands for ?v {id}?v 1 help
?v {vid} infoView info about vehicle?v 1 info
?v {vid} despawnDespawn vehicle?v 1 despawn
?v {vid} owner {id}Transfer ownership of vehicle?v 1 owner 2
?v {vid} tpTeleport to a seat in the vehicle?v 1 tp
?v {vid} kick {id}Kick a user from a vehicle?v 1 kick 1
?v {vid} kickallKick all users from vehicle?v 1 kickall
?v {vid} repairRepair a vehicle (Silver+)?v 1 repair
Access control command. Change who can interaction with your vehicles
?v accessmode (all/whitelist/blacklist/none)Change who can interaction with your vehicle?v accessmode all
?v whitelist/blacklist add {id}Add someone to your whitelist/blacklist?v whitelist add 1
?v whitelist/blacklist remove {id}Remove someone from your whitelist/blacklist?v whitelist remove 1
?v whitelist/blacklist listShows your current whitelist/blacklist?v whitelist list
?v whitelist/blacklist clearClears whitelist/blacklist?v whitelist clear