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  1. To use boats & amphibious vehicles on the water on servers 1, 2 & 3 you need a boat license.
  2. Minimum of 24 hours must have passed if you want to apply for a boat license from when you joined the website.
  3. Your boat must not exceed 40 meters in length -> 160 Blocks, to reduce lag.
  4. You need a boat license to use an amphibious vehicle on water.
  5. You cannot use workshop vehicles which you didn’t make.
  6. Float-planes and float helicopters can take off and land on water, but not move anywhere except to take off again unless they have a boat license.
  7. Nav lights are required for boats, seaplanes when on water, and amphibious vehicles when on water, unless you are docked(for example to dock or land)(view screenshots below for further details on light placements)
  8. Submersibles need nav lights when moving above water.
  9. You cannot use spotlights or indicators as nav lights.
  10. You must stop for staff if requested!

You only need to have nav lights on during the night and/or low visibility.


You cannot use flashing blue or red lights as these are used by staff.

Applying For a Boat License

  1. Make sure your boat meets the requirments.
  2. Head over to applications and select Boat License.
  3. You cannot apply for your 1st ever license with a sea-plane, you need to apply with a boat. Once you have a Boat ID you can place that onto your sea-plane.

When you provide a screenshot of the boat in the application, showing the length of the boat within the screenshot speeds up the process.

Adding Boats To Current License

You need to add all the boats you want to use on the server to your license.

  1. Head over to your account and view licensed vehicles.
  2. If you have no vehicles you will see the image below, just click + New vehicle.

Mandatory Navigation Lights

Boats Under 8 Meters

Mandatory navigation lights for boats under 8 meters

  • White light placed high up, visible from all around

Boats Between 8-40 Meters

Mandatory navigation lights for boats between 8-40 meters

  • Green light placed on the right side, visible from the front and right only
  • Red light placed on the left side, visible from front and left only
  • White light placed on the rear, visible from behind only
  • White light placed high up, visible from both sides and the front

Boat License Placement

Your boat license should be painted on the outside of your boat for easy inspection, paintable signs & indicators are allowed as long as they are easily visible. You cannot have the ID on a monitor or as a component's name.

Finding your Boat License ID

You will find your license in the account area.

Custom License ID

You can have a custom license if you are a supporter, just head over to your account page and click Edit License.

  • Custom license needs to be 4-6 digits long.

Custom License