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These are rules that apply directly to discord servers within our community.

1. This is an English server, please keep it that way.
2. Respect everyone. Do not antagonise/harass others or create a hostile environment.
3. NSFW content is not allowed.
4. No self-advertising without permission.
5. Malicious or exploitative use of alternate discord accounts will be met with proper punishments.
6. Use common sense, your account is responsible for anything posted by it.
7. Listen to the moderation team, even if what they are saying is not explicitly in the rules.

All of the above rules apply to text channels & voice chats.
Certain channels may have their own rules and uses in their descriptions, make sure to read it before posting. The rules are applied at the discretion of the moderation staff. If you have an issue with the way a moderator acts, please make a support ticket at

If you have any questions regarding the rules, please feel free to ask anyone from the moderation team. If there is an emergency and you need a moderator immediately, you can ping the @Staff role. This is for emergency use only and not to be joked around with. Discord's Guidelines & Terms of Service always apply.

The following rules apply to all servers:
1. Use common sense.
2. Don't spawn large or complex vehicles.
3. No Spawning vehicles from the Vehicle Ban List.
4. Despawn unused & broken vehicles. (?clean or ?c)
5. No advertising in-game.
6. No modified workbenches.
7. No using structure workbenches.
8. Staff have final say.
9. Malicious or exploitative use of alternate steam accounts is strictly prohibited.
10. You need a Boat License to use boats on servers 1,2,3.
11. Do not fire inside the NFZ, this is a safe zone. Using weapons in non weapons servers is prohibited.
12. The usage of nuclear weapons is prohibited.
13. Do not spam chat or voice. (music is not allowed within 1km of spawn)
14. Do not grief/intentionally ruin the fun of gameplay for other users.

Roleplay Laws For Servers 3,4,5
1. Game Laws
2. RP Charter

All up-to-date company rules can be viewed in Trucksbook.

General Rules
1.1 Do not sabotage other peoples work.
1.2 Always show respect for other peoples equipment, crops and livestock.
1.3 Always listen to the farm manager when working as a farm worker or contractor.
1.4 Do not create landscapes that will spoil the map for everyone (e.g a large unnatural mountain on your field).
1.5 Use common sense.
2.1 Only cut down trees on your property or property that you are contacted on.
2.2 Trees must be properly stored, scattered trees left on fields or roads will result in a fine.
3.1 If you are carrying a load or implement beacons must be on.
3.2 Drivers must adhere to the correct side of the road depending on the map.
3.3 Crashing into another vehicle(player), compensation may be asked for.
Punishment & Fines
These will result in a warning or a fine;
4.1 Fly-tipping - leaving bags or pallets around the map will result in a fine per item from the bank.
4.2 Leaving vehicles or equipment in or around the shop will result in a fine.
4.3 Dumping bulk (straw, grains, wood chippings etc) on the road.
4.4 Blocking roads, sell points or other peoples fields with objects.
4.5 The bank can issue fines to any farm when they see sit, even for something that is not stated in these rules.
Green (£0 - £-25,000), Yellow (£-25,001 - £-40,000), Red (£-40,001 - £-50,000+)
5.1 Reaching yellow will get you a warning, when reaching red you will get one last warning, when you go over red the bank gets involved.
FS22 Generators
6.1 Small farms* are allowed to use a generator that produces upto 14k a month.
*A small farm is a farm that owns upto or less then 2 land tiles.
6.2 All other farms are considered big and should be independant (have no generators).
Breaking either of these will result in farm deleation.

General Rules
1. No purposeful lagging of the server.
2. Any act of exploting bug/s is an immediate ban.
3. No Nukes within two rtp range of any claimed chunk.
4. If two or more players are playing together and are bassmates (players that share a base/s) you are required to be in the same team/party. (Using FTBchunks)
5. You are allowed a maximum of four mining machines (Quarries, Digital Miners, etc) per team/party running at a time. (See rule 4)
6. Minecraft Game Manager has final say.
Dimension Specific Rules
End Rules:
1. Anything on the main End island can not be claimed (This does not include the End city)
2. Spawn platform may not be changed in anyway
3. Bedrock portals to leave or enter the End City may not be claimed or changed in anyway

1. Use common sense.
2. Don't spawn vehicles that cause significant lag.
3. No messing with other players vehicles or Kerbals.
4. No removing other players vehicles unless you have the permission of the person who spawned them.
5. Remove vehicles that either you do not plan to use and/or will not benefit the server.
6. Staff have the final say.

1. Do not grief/intentionally ruin the fun of gameplay for other users.

1. Do not grief/intentionally ruin the fun of gameplay for other users.

To be added

To be added

1. Police jobs are whitelisted, to be whitelisted apply here.
2. Respect players and their jobs.
3. No modding, cheating or causing lag intentionally.
4. Staff have final say.

General Rules

1. No spawn camping (3 strike rule, if enemy teams uses all three strikes then they forfeit the round).
2. No teamkilling (one off incidents are to be looked over but persistent teamkills will result in punishment dealt by the game manager).
3. The use of "Vaulted Vehicles" is forbidden (vehicles that are removed from tech tree's for balancing reasons or are event exclusive, a brief exemption can be made if the vehicle has been made available for a short period of time at around the time of an upcoming event).